Eric McMahon  Guitars, Backing Vocals
Eric McMahon Guitars, Backing Vocals

Much to his surprise, Eric was born in Indianapolis, Indiana but quickly moved on to live in various states of those United until ending up in Phoenix, Arizona. Eric has been playing guitar for 12 years, has been an avid composer of many types of music and has played in various bands including The Company, Logic Alley, Maelstrom, and Into Nothing as well as doing solo material. Eric met Joe and Scott at a concert in May of 2003 and have been friends ever since. Upon that meeting nothing came of working together in the 12 Ton project until December of 2004 when the time arrived for Eric to join forces with 12 Ton Sledge in their quest to pummel and bludgeon the ears and bodies of those who have the courage to listen to their onslaught of bone-breaking, razor fist style of metal. "The balance of all things extreme lies in the weight of your conviction to seek truth." - The Red Proverbs